Describes communication related permissions on a user's access rights.

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This section under the "Permissions" tab of a user's access rights controls general access to email and SMS-related actions in the system.

Important: any non-guest user can send an email from within the email module.

Limited SMS

  • Can send out SMS messages to individual numbers and in bulk

  • Can view the list of SMS keywords

Full SMS

Users with this permission also have the Limited SMS permission.

  • Can add, edit, and delete SMS keywords

  • Can view logs of incoming and outgoing SMS messages

  • Can view scheduled text messages for other users.

Limited Email

  • Can send out email messages in bulk from the People Query Builder.

Full Email

Users with this permission also have the Limited Email permission.

  • Can send out email messages on behalf of another person. This only controls the "From Name" and "Reply To" email addresses. The actual email will still be sent from a domain.

  • Can view scheduled emails for other users.

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