This section under the "Permissions" tab of a user's access rights controls general access to various miscellaneous related information in the system.


  • Can add, edit, and delete forms.
  • Can manage fields on a form.
  • Can edit any settings on a form.
  • Can view all submissions.

Full Write Sermons

  • Can add, edit, and delete sermons.

Sermons Settings

  • Can add new speakers and series
  • Can connect account to third party video service such as YouTube or Vimeo.


  • Can add, edit, and delete check-in stations.
  • Can add and delete name and security labels.
  • Can add, edit, and delete station themes.


  • Can add, edit, and delete campuses


  • Can enable web hooks and subscribe to any event.
  • Can view list of sent web hook events.
  • Has access to the web hook testing tool

Single Sign On

  • Can enable and disable single sign onĀ 
  • Can manage settings for single sign on

Full Read Events

  • Can view all events including non public and internal ones

Full Write Events

  • Can create, edit, and delete events on church calendars.
  • Can assign organizers.


  • Has access to run queries using the People Query Builder. The user will also need Full Read Financial permission to access the Contribution Query Builder.
  • Can generate built-in reports
  • Can perform mail merges

Scheduling Admin

  • Can add, edit, and delete volunteer schedules for all groups
  • Can manage volunteers on schedules
  • Can send out assignment requests
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