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How do I edit a person's profile?
How do I edit a person's profile?

Describes how to edit a person's profile.

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You will at least the need the Limited Write People to perform this action. You can edit a person's profile individually or in bulk.

Editing Individually

Navigate to the person's profile and click on "Actions > Edit profile" in the upper right area. This will open a pop up containing all the fields the user can edit. Please see this article for more information on each profile field. You can also hover over any of the areas within the "Info" tab to edit that section (if allowed).

Users without elevated permissions can do the following on their own profile only:

  • Can edit the "General" section (including custom fields). However, they cannot edit their name.

  • Can edit "Contact" section.

  • Can upload a profile image.

  • Can view and edit most of the data under the giving tab except their list of giving envelopes. This includes recurring schedules, payment methods, and text giving settings. 

  • The user cannot edit any giving transactions.

Important: you cannot edit a person's profile if it has been archived. It will need to be unarchived first.

Editing In Bulk

You will need both the Reporting and People Mass Change permissions to edit in bulk.

Navigate to the People Query Builder under Reporting > Query Builder > People in the left-hand navigation menu and construct a query that returns the people you would like to edit. 

Next, click on "Mass Change" from the "Actions" menu right above the results area.

A pop up appears containing all the edits you can do on a person's profile. The list is limited based on the permissions for the user. From here, you can either edit individual fields or perform actions on the resulting profiles.

If an archived record is being updated, it will automatically be unarchived. If this is not desired, please add a filter to ignore archived records.

Pro tip: click on the "who?" link at the top to download a spreadsheet containing the people who will be updated.

Updating Profile Fields

The left drop down contains the fields you can edit in bulk. This list includes any custom fields defined on the person profile that are drop downs, dates, check boxes, and radio buttons.

Allowed values depends on the data type for the field:

  • Dropdown - pick the value to update to from the dropdown. This value will override whatever is on the resulting profile. You can also choose "Clear Value" to delete the value from that field.

  • Date - enter the date to update to in the input box. Check the Delete from person's profile" checkbox if you would like to clear that field on the profile.

Use the X button to the right of any field to remove it from the bulk edit. 

Profile Actions

You can also perform actions on the result person profile in bulk. You can add as many as needed, but you can't do the same action twice. If you want to do the same action twice, you will need to start a new mass change.

The following actions are available:

  • Add Note

  • Add Safeguard

  • Add Connection

  • Update Privacy Settings

  • Unarchive Profile

  • Archive Profile

  • Add To Group

  • Drop From Groups

  • Grant Access

  • Revoke Access

  • Edit Permissions

Once you are done setting up the fields to edit and actions to perform on the resulting profiles, click on "Update" to start the mass change.

Important: certain bulk actions results in the profile status automatically changing:

Profile will move to Active status if bulk action is Add Safeguard, Add Connection, Add To Group, Grant Access, or Edit Permissions

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