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How can I download a PDF of a person's profile?
How can I download a PDF of a person's profile?

Describes how to download an offline version via PDF of the person's profile

Updated over a week ago

You will need the Limited Read People permission to perform this action.

Navigate to the person's profile and click on "Actions > Download Profile PDF" in the upper right. A PDF will be automatically downloaded.

The data shown is filtered based on the permissions of the user downloading the PDF. The PDF contains the following information. See this article for more information on each field.


  • Name

  • Goes By

  • Gender

  • Birthday

  • Campus Attended

  • Marital Status

  • Race

  • Ethnicity

  • Language

  • Occupation

  • Giving Envelope

  • Anniversary

  • All custom fields


  • Contact Preference

  • Emails

  • Phones

  • Addresses

Important Dates

  • Date Last Attended

  • All defined important events

  • All custom fields


  • Barcode

  • Medical Notes

  • Emergency Contact

  • All custom fields

Additional Fields

  • Record Type

  • All custom fields

Associated Records

  • Family Members

  • Notes

  • Connections

  • Safeguards

  • Groups

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