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How do I edit an existing recurring giving schedule?
How do I edit an existing recurring giving schedule?

Describes how to modify the details of an existing recurring giving schedule.

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You will need the Full Write Contributions permission to perform this action for people other than yourself. You can always edit the details of your own personal recurring schedules.

Navigate to the person's profile and click on the "Giving" tab. Then select the "Schedules" sub-tab. A complete list of all active and inactive recurring schedules will appear. You can only edit active schedules. Click on the schedule you wish to edit and then on the "Edit" button.

A pop up will appear with the following fields:

  • Payment Method - the payment method to use when charging this schedule. Click on "add new" to add a new payment method.

  • How often? - the frequency on which to charge.

  • Start Date - the date when charging show start. A preview of the next few transactions will appear below.

  • End Date - optional end date. If not specified, the recurring schedule will continue indefinitely.

  • Give - the list of funds and corresponding amounts to charge on the schedule. Click on the "+" sign to add a new fund and on the "-" button to remove one.

Click on "Save" when finished making changes. The updates will take effect immediately.

Helpful Tips

  • You can also make changes to a person's recurring schedule by locating the specific schedule on the main listing.

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