Describes what the Assignment task is and how to configure it.

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Use this task to assign a person in the queue to someone for follow up. You can add instructions, set deadlines, and what to do when the assignment is complete.

The following configuration is available:

  • Name - the name of the task. This appears in the left hand task listing and wherever the task is shown (change logs and drop downs).

  • Description - a brief description for the task. This only appears in the left hand task listing.

Assignment Pool

Use the search input field to add one or more people here who will be assigned this task once a person reaches it. In the case of multiple people, assignments follow a round robin strategy meaning the person with the lowest number of assignments will get the task.

Allow assignee to reassign task to someone else?

If this is set to "Yes", the assignee on the task will be allowed to reassign their task to another person without going through the normal approval process. The default is "No."


Use this area to add helpful instructions for the assignee detailing what needs to be done for this task. They will see this information when they view the assignment. You can use HTML here so links, images and videos can be added.


This section lets you define when the deadline for an assignment is.ย 

Due Date

The date the assignment is due. If the deadline expires, the status of the task will go do "Past Due."

  • Number of days later... - set the deadline as the number of days after the task was assigned. For example, due 5 days after assignment.

  • On a day of the week... - set the deadline as the next specified weekday after the task was assigned. For example, due by the following Friday. If it's the same day, it will be due the following week (7 days).

  • Month by a certain day... - set the deadline to be a specific week of the month on a specific weekday. For example, the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

  • Monthly by a certain date... - set the deadline to be a specific day of the month. For example, the 15th of the month. If the day selected does not exist in the month, the next valid day is used.

  • On a specific date... - set the deadline to be a specific date and time. For example, due on 1/5/2017 at 5:15 pm. If the date is in the past, the assignment becomes due immediately.

Email Reminder

Set the number of days before the deadline in which a reminder email should be sent to the assignee.

Next Steps

This section lets you define what happens when a task is finished. You can set next steps for when the task was completed and when it was unable to be completed.

The green section on the left is what happens when the task is completed, and the red section on the right is what happens when the task could not be completed.

Within a section, the following fields are available:

  • Next Task? - if yes, the person will move to the next task within the current process. If no, you will need to specify where the person should move to.

  • Workflow - the workflow the person should move to

  • Process - the process within the workflow the person should move to

  • Task - the task the person should be added to. If can be whatever the first task is or any specific task you want.

Allow assignee to send person to another process after completion?

If set to yes, the assignee can choose processes for the person to move to when completing this task. The assignee can only choose from the list defined here.

Once you are finished configuring the task, click on "Save" to finish adding it to the process.

Helpful Tips

  • For more information on how assignments work, please see this article.

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