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How do I edit an existing form?
How do I edit an existing form?

Describes how to edit settings and fields on a custom form.

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You will need the Forms permission to perform this action.

Navigate to the form by clicking on "More > Forms" in the left hand navigation and clicking on the form you want to edit in the table. The following sections describe what fields are available for editing.


The "Fields" tab contains the actual form designer. See this article for more information on how to design the form.

Note: A lock icon shows on form fields if there are submissions with responses to that field. The field cannot be deleted but can be hidden while in that state.


The "Settings" tab contains the following fields:


  • Name - the name of the form.

  • Description - the description for the form. This appears under the name when filling out the form.

  • Confirmation Message - the message the person sees on screen when they submit the form.


This tab is where you can set one or more people to receive an email when someone submits a form. The email will contain every field along with the response (even if there was none).

To add a person, search for them in the input box and select them from the search results.


This tab lets you set what happens when someone submits a form. You can choose to add them to a group and/or a workflow process. There is no limit to the number of groups or processes the person can be added to here.

  • Group - choose "Group" from the drop down and then search for the group the person should be added to. They will be added as a member with an add date the same as when they submitted the form.

  • Workflow Process - choose the workflow, process, and option first task the person should be added to. See this article for more information on how workflows work.


The overview area is located in the right most column. It contains a button named "Embed on Website" where you can see the embed code. This is useful if you want to include the form directly on your web page instead of linking to it. The other fields available are:

  • Is accepting submissions? - if no, no one will be able to complete the form any more. Anyone visiting the form will receive this message:

  • Is listed? - If no, the form will not be visible to users from the form listing screen in One Church Software. However, any one with the Forms permission will still be able to see it.

  • Max submissions - the maximum number of submissions you will allow. Once the number is reached, the form will no longer accept submissions. Leave blank to have no limit.

Once you are done editing the form, you must click on the "Save" button in the upper right to save your changes.

Note: Built-in form descriptions can be edited. The title is read only, however.

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