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How do I start gathering submissions for a form?
How do I start gathering submissions for a form?

Describes various ways you can share a form so others can start filling it out.

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?You have designed a form and are now ready to start allowing others to submit entries. What is the next step and how can I let others know? The following sections list all the ways you can share the form.

Regardless of which method you use, the form must be accepting submissions before anyone else can submit new entries.

Within One Church Software

A form must be listed to be viewable by others within the system. To do this, navigate to the form and make sure the "Is listed?" option is set to "Yes". Then save the form.

Afterwards, the form will be visible whenever someone visits "More > Forms" from the left-hand navigation menu.

Via Direct Link

A direct link is useful if you want to share the form using an email, text, or social media. To get the link, click on the chain icon under Share.

Embed On Website

Use this option when you want to host a web page containing the form. This will give you a completed branded experience where you can control the design around the form.

Navigate to the form, and click on the "Embed on Website" button on the right under the "Overview" section.

A pop up will appear where you can define how the form will appear. The following fields are available:

  • Background Color - the color of the background of the form. Choose a color that does not clash with the Foreground Color. The default is white.

  • Foreground Color - the text color. Choose a color that does not clash with the Background Color. The default is black.

  • Height - the height of the iframe. It is recommended to choose a height equal to the maximum length of the form. Some trial and error is needed before the proper height is determined. The default is 700px.

You can also add custom CSS to control how the form appears by going to "Settings > Custom CSS" within the form. Note, this only applies to embedded forms and requires knowledge of CSS which is outside the scope of this article. 

Once you are done, copy the HTML found in the gray area at the top and paste it in the code of the web page in the location you want it to be rendered. 

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