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How do I select drop down values without a mouse?
How do I select drop down values without a mouse?

Describes how to interact with drop downs using only a keyboard.

Updated this week

It is possible to only use a keyboard when selecting values from drop downs in One Church. This helps speed up data entry as you will not need to reach for the mouse and can keep your fingers on the keyboard.

Pressing Tab moves the currently focused field forward while pressing Shift+Tab moves it backward. Highlight the drop down field by tabbing into it. You know it is highlighted when you see a blue outline as shown below.

Next, press the Space key to open the drop down and show the available values. If there are at least five values, a search box will appear at the top. This search box is automatically focused for you so you can begin typing to filter the values by the text you enter. You can enter any part of a value and not just the beginning of the word.

Use the up and down arrow keys to highlight the value you would like to select and then press "Enter" to actually select it.

The drop down will then close and the value will be selected. You can then tab to the next or previous field.

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