You will need the Financial Settings permission to perform this action.

This is optional as donors can always visit the guest giving page (see Helpful Tips below) or sign into their One Church account to give.

Embedding the giving form on an external web site allows you to completely brand the giving experience. Donors will not need to log into One Church, but can instead simply visit your website to give. The whole process takes less than a minute!

Important: you can only embed the giving portal on web page that is protected via SSL (i.e. page URL starts with https://). 

To do this, navigate to "Contributions > Settings" in the left hand menu and click on "Embed on website".

A pop up will appear containing the HTML embed code to include on your website in the gray area. You can custom the form with the following options:

  • Allow donations to which funds? - choose which funds you will allow donations to here. If none are selected, all funds visible on your giving portal will be shown.

Helpful Tips

  • You can only embed the giving portal once on your web page. Doing it multiple times will cause them to interfere with each other. If you would like to add multiple custom giving portals on a page, our recommendation is to add them as links which redirect the user to the hosted version (see next point).
  • Instead of embedding, you can also just redirect the person to the guest giving portal. No login is needed. The URL is located at the top of the "Embed on website" pop up above.

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