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How do I see all requests for a repeating event?
How do I see all requests for a repeating event?

Describes how to view all resource requests for each day of a repeating schedule.

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You will need to be an organizer of the event or have Full Write Events to perform this action. This also only applies to events that are configured to need rooms and resources.

Navigate to the recurring event and go to the "Resources" tab. From there, click on the "Manage All Requests" button. A pop up will appear. Make sure the "Requests" tab is selected. This area contains all the requests for each day in the recurring event.

Use the "Past" and "Future" view buttons near the top to filter the list to show only days that have passed and days that are yet to come respectively. The default is to show only future days.

The following columns are available:

  • Date - the date and time this request is for. You will also see how far that day is below. Clicking on the date and time will open the request for editing.

  • Campus - the campus the rooms and items on the request are for.

  • Rooms/Items - Shows the number of rooms requested and their status. The progress percentage shows how many have been responded to by an approver. If 100%, this means they have all been responded to. However, the responses can be approved or denied, 

The colors for the "Rooms" and "Items" columns are as follows:

  • Yellow - the room or item is pending a response from an approver

  • Green - the room or item has been approved for use on the given day and time

  • Red - the room or item has been denied for use on the given day and time

From here you can also edit and delete an individual request by selecting the appropriate action from the drop-down menu at the end of the row.

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