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How do I respond to a resource request?
How do I respond to a resource request?

Describes how to approve or deny room or item requests for which you are an approver for.

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You will need to be an approver on a room or item to perform this action.

Please read this article for more information on how to assign approvers.

When a request is entered into One Church, any resources that need approval will be sent to the list of approvers. These are approvers set for the resource's location as well as any members of the approval group for the room or item.

Emails notifying them of a pending request are sent out at the top of the hour and contain any new or updated requests submitted in that hour. The person can then click on the "View All Requests" button to be taken to the list of pending requests.

The list of pending requests also appears on the approver's dashboard after signing into One Church. Clicking on the to-do list item will send the user to the list of pending requests.

Besides the email or to-do list, you can get to the list of pending requests by going to "Events > Resources" in the left hand navigation menu and selecting the "Requests" tab > Finally, select "Pending"

The table of requests (grouped by event) contains the following columns:

  • Date - the date range of the request. In the case of a repeating event, this will be the entire range across all days. Below the date range is helper text signifying how far away the start date of the event is. Clicking on the date range will open the request in a pop up.

  • Event - the name of the event this request is for. Clicking on the name will send you to the event details page.

  • Requests - the number of requests for this event. Generally, for one-time events, this will be 1. For recurring events, this will be the number of meeting days.

  • Location - the location the requested rooms and items are located.

  • Requested By - the name of the user who requested these resources

Important: this table will only contain requests for future events which have at least one pending request. To view past requests, use the filters and change "Is Pending?" to No.

To open a request, click on the date range or the "View" button at the end of the row. Note that requests cannot be deleted from the system. A response must be provided, even if that response is to deny all resource requests for the event.

A pop up will appear. 

Since there could be a large number of requests for an event (as is the case for a repeating event), the top area of this pop up shows all the rooms and items that were requested across all submissions. The "Dates" column shows you which dates they were requested. Clicking on this will show the specific dates. The same room or item can appear multiple times but for different dates (see below for an example).

Clicking on the room or item name will open a pop up containing details regarding that resource. You can click on the "info" icon at the end of the row to view set-up notes and answers to any custom questions for that resource across all requests.

While you will be able to see all resources that were requested for the event, only resources that you are authorized to approve/deny will have checkboxes next to them. To approve, check the resources you wish to approve and click on the "Approve" button. To deny, check the resources you wish to deny and click on the "Deny" button. 

As an example, in the screenshot above, if you approve the Worship Center in this way, you are approving it for all 5 days that were requested. If you wish to respond to a specific date instead, click on the "Show All Requests" button. This will load all individual requests (e.g. one of each day) underneath. In this case, all 5 days. You can then search for the day you want to respond to and open it by clicking on the date.

This will open the individual request. For each resource you are authorized to approve/deny, make a selection in the drop down and then click "Save." This will update the summary information at the top of the pop up. Where you can then approve/deny the others. 

The example below shows the Worship Center after only a single day was denied (the red dot shows 1 of 5 dates). Notice the other 4 days are still pending a response. You can quickly respond to the 4 days in bulk by checking that row and clicking on either "Approve" or "Deny" or follow the steps above to respond to an individual date again.

Any responses, whether they be approved or denied, are then emailed to the original requester as well as any organizers of the event at the top of the following hour.

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