How do I view resource usage?

Describes a variety of ways to view availability or usage for a room or item.

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You will need the Full Read Resources permission to perform this action.

Viewing All Rooms/Items Usage

Go to "Events > Resources" in the left-hand navigation menu and select the "Usage" tab.

From here you can select either the "Rooms" or the "Items" sub-tab to view all rooms or items currently in use (or pending from a request) in a calendar format. The entries will one of two colors:

  • Green - the room or item has been approved for use on that day and time

  • Yellow - there is a pending request for the room or item during that day and time, but it has not been approve nor denied yet.

The calendar view can be changed to "month", "week", or "day" views. The "day" view contains a list of all the rooms or items at the selected campus along with the time frame they are used.

Clicking on an entry in the calendar will open the event that has requested it. You can change the campus you are viewing from the "Campus" drop down in the upper right.

Viewing an Individual Room or Item Usage

You can view usage for a single room or item by going to the room detail page or item detail page respectively. From there, select the "Usage" tab. The same calendar will appear as in the section above, but filtered for only that room or item. You will not be able to change the campus.

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