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What is a giving campaign and pledge?
What is a giving campaign and pledge?

Introduction to giving campaigns and pledges

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Giving pledges allow your organization to better budget and set expectations by allowing individuals to commit future donations towards a goal. Examples include, but are not limited to, contributing towards a building fund, facility upgrades, and mission trips.

One Church allows you to create pledge campaigns spanning a specific date range and will track the progress towards to the goal every step of the way. Each campaign defines a goal and which giving funds to use. Whenever a pledge contribution comes in for a chosen fund within the time period specified (regardless of how), it will be credited to this campaign automatically.

You can add pledges to this campaign to track whether you expect to reach your financial goal by the deadline. Pledges can be one-time gifts or recurring. For recurring pledges, the system will easily show whether someone is on time or falling behind (including the dollar amount).

Additionally, as far as what gifts count towards the goal, a campaign can be set up to only count gifts made from existing campaign pledges or can be set up to count all gifts regardless of whether it was part of a pledge.

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