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How do I track progress for giving campaigns and pledges?
How do I track progress for giving campaigns and pledges?

Describes how to view progress on both a giving campaign and pledges.

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You will need the Full Read Pledges permission to perform this action.

You can track both campaign and individual pledge progress from within the campaign. Go to "Contributions > Pledges > Listing" from the left-hand navigation. The listing contains progress information for all campaigns including percentage completion. To view more details, open the campaign you want to view from the list.ย 

Campaign Progress

The "Info" tab contains the overall progress of the campaign (from 0% to 100% completion) as well as the individual transactions that have been credited to the campaign and total amount raised.

Please note, that to view the transactions, you will need the Full Read Financial permission.

The right-hand column contains important metrics about the campaign as a whole. You will also find the funds that count for the campaign.

Pledge Progress

All Pledges

To view progress for all pledges across all campaigns, visit "Contributions > Pledges" from the left-hand navigation menu and select the "Pledges" tab. From here, you will see the following useful information:

  • Name - the name of the person who pledged. Clicking on the name will open the pledge details in a pop up.

  • Campaign - the name of the campaign this pledge is associated with. Clicking on the name will take you to the campaign details screen.

  • Start - the starting date for the pledge along with how long ago or in the future it is.

  • End - the ending date for the pledge along with how long ago or in the future it is.

  • Frequency - the recurring schedule chosen for contributions to this pledge.

  • Pledged -the total amount pledged

  • Paid - the amount paid towards the pledge. This can exceed the pledged amount.

  • % Complete - the progress towards completion of the pledge. Once the Paid equals the Pledged amount, the percentage will be 100%.

  • Status - this indicates whether the person is on track to complete the pledge. If they are late, the amount that they are behind by is shown as well. For example, if they pledge to give $100 a week, but week two started and they have not given the $100 yet, they would be marked as late and the amount missing would be $100. This missing amount would increase as they miss more payments.

Pledges for a Single Campaign

In addition to viewing all pledges in the system, you can also view pledges specific to the campaign from the campaign details screen. Open the campaign you wish to view from the "Listing" tab on this same screen and then click the "Pledges" tab. This will contain the same information, but limited to only those pledges attached to the campaign.

Pledges for a Person

Finally, you can also view pledges from the person's profile. Navigate to the person's profile and click on the "Giving > Pledges" tab. You will then see all of the person's pledges. This will contain the same information as above.

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