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How would a person manage their email preferences?
How would a person manage their email preferences?

Describes how a person can manage their email preferences or unsubscribe from church communication.

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Every manual email that gets sent from the system (including automated emails originating from a workflow process) must include an unsubscribe link. This helps the recipient control what information is sent to them via email.

There is a mail merge variable named {unsubscribe_link} you can add that allows you to control where and how it looks. That would mainly be useful if you are using a saved email template. If One Church does not find that variable in the body of the email being sent out, it will insert its own automatically (shown below).

Adding the Unsubscribe Link

To add the unsubscribe link, click on the "Personalize" button and select "Unsubscribe." If using the email template designer (shown below), you can access this menu by first adding (or editing) a text element. 

This will insert {unsubscribe_link} into the body of the email wherever your cursor is currently. When the email is sent, this will automatically be replaced with a link that points to the unsubscribe page. The text will say "unsubscribe" and will be blue in color.

If you would like more control over the design (i.e. change the link color), you can instead use {unsubscribe_link} as the URL for a link. Simple add a link to the email and use the following settings.

The text to display can be anything, but the URL must be {unsubscribe_link}. You can then change the color or other attributes of the link using the text editor.

Managing Email Preferences

If someone clicks to unsubscribe or manage preferences, they will be taken to a screen where they can do those actions (see below). 

In addition, a user (or someone with limited write people access) can edit the email preferences from the "Info" tab of their One Church profile. Next to each email, there is a bell icon that opens that same screen.

Helpful Tip

  • Unsubscribing from email communication only affects emails that your organization sends manually. Any transactional or on-demand emails will still be sent to that email address. For example, a payment receipt or a request to reset a password.

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