Should I be concerned about copyright licensing?

Provides practical steps on avoiding copyright infringement when managing your song catalog.

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In short, yes! One Church Software does not provide any copyright licensing and is not responsible for any misuse on your part. Sharing copyrighted content (i.e. audio, song charts, lyrics, etc.) that you do not have a valid license for is illegal. Make sure you either own the copyright (i.e. original music) or have licenses to distribute them electronically.


The Church Copyright License from CCLI covers copying activities that assist with congregational singing, including computer projections, song sheets, bulletin inserts, recording your service, and more. It does not, however, include sharing audio files recorded by someone else and sharing published chord charts or sheet music. To legally share published chord charts or sheet music, you need a separate license.

Contact Christian Copyright Solutions (CCS) for more information about other copyrights or for help in obtaining licenses for songs that aren't covered by CCLI.

Important: almost all churches need Church Copyright License from CCLI, even if just to show lyrics to your congregation.


  • The Church Rehearsal License by CCLI allows you to share audio with your team for rehearsal purposes.

  • SongSelect by CCLI is a subscription with tons of printed music, but there is only one master version of each song (i.e. no additional arrangements). 

  • PraiseCharts have different arrangements of each song, but you purchase each file separately. 

  • PERFORMmusic Premise License from CCS allows you to play copyrighted audio publicly, or perform music anywhere outside of worship services.

  • WORSHIPcast Streaming License from CCS allows you to stream music during your service on the internet.


The information provided in this article is designed to include important copyright information in one place. It should not be used for definitive legal information. Please see the following sites for legal information and for other licenses they offer

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