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Enabling Text Messaging on Your Subscription
First, choose Account Settings from the top left toolbar > Then, select the Messaging Tab. Finally, click on the "Enable Text Messaging" button. This option is available on all subscription plans.

Text Message Disclaimer
Text messaging is $0.01 per incoming and outgoing text message. Pricing is per 160 characters and we'll give you $3.00 to start with. If you have One Church Giving enabled, Text Giving does NOT incur a per message cost. More details on costs and more is located in the pop up that appears when enabling text messaging.

**You will be prompted to choose your text messaging phone number from a dropdown. The number will be unique to your church.

Managing Prepaid Balance & Replenishment Settings
Costs associated with messaging are taken from a prepaid balance. To manage your balance and replenishment settings, go to Account Settings > Messaging from the top of the side menu. The low balance is initially be set to $2.00 and the replenishment target has been set to $10.00. These can be changed to higher amounts if you plan on sending a large number of texts frequently.

The article below provides more detail on how to send text messages.

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