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How do I enable text messaging?
How do I enable text messaging?

Describes how to setup and enable text messaging on your subscription.

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Users will need Full Account permission to complete this task.

Enabling Text Messaging on Your Subscription
First, choose Account Settings from the top left toolbar > Then, select the Messaging Tab. Finally, click on the "Enable Text Messaging" button. This option is available on all subscription plans.

Text Message Pricing

There is a one-time activation fee of $5.00 to enable this service.

Text messaging is $0.0125 per incoming and outgoing text message. Pricing is per 160 characters per person and we'll give you $2.00 to start with. Please note, if your message contains any of the following special characters: Á, á, Í, í, Ó, ó, Ú, ú, ¡ or any unicode character, the cost is $0.025 per 160 characters per person instead due to the higher cost of sending Unicode messages.

If you have One Church Giving enabled, messages related to "Text To Give" do NOT incur a per message cost.

**You will be prompted to choose your text messaging 10-digit phone number from a dropdown. The number will be unique to your church.

Read full disclaimer and agree to terms by selecting the checkboxes, then select enable.


After you enable text messaging you will need to get your phone number verified. View article below for details on the verification process.

Managing Prepaid Balance & Replenishment Settings
Costs associated with messaging are taken from a prepaid balance. To manage your balance and replenishment settings, go to Account Settings > Messaging from the top of the side menu. The low balance is initially be set to $2.00 and the replenishment target has been set to $10.00. These can be changed to higher amounts if you plan on sending a large number of texts frequently.

The article below provides more detail on how to send text messages.

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