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How to Create and Insert Email Templates?
How to Create and Insert Email Templates?

Describes how to create an email template and how to insert templates into the body of your email.

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With One Church Software you are able to create and send graphically rich emails. You can also create templates to use at any point in the future.

Creating Email Templates

You can create an email template by selecting "Cog Icon" in the top right. Then select "Email" from the list of options.

Then in the main window select the tab titled, "Templates". Then select the "Add Template" button.

This email builder uses drag and drop functionality, which allows you to designate area within the email where you want text, images, etc., by selecting the element from the menu area on the right and then dragging them into the content area of the email.

Make sure to save when finished building your email template.

Inserting an email template into an email

Start by creating an email. First select the "Send" icon in the top navigation bar or select the "Actions" button found in the People Module or after running a report via the People Query Builder (i.e. Reporting > People).

At this point you will be working within the email client. From the email client select the icon that resembles code written on page (example below) in the tool bar.

When the window opens you will have the option to select a preexisting template from the dropdown menu.

Which you can insert into your email communication by selecting the "Insert" button.

You can also create a new template from here by selecting the cog icon on the right and then selecting "Add New".

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