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Is One Church Software available for churches outside of the US?
Is One Church Software available for churches outside of the US?

Describes software availability for international or global customers (churches outside of the U.S) and feature limitations.

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Our platform is only available to organizations who operate in the countries listed below.

  • North America (US, Mexico, Canada, & Puerto Rico),

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • South Africa

Additionally, there are a few limitations with our platform in regards to what our non-US based customers will experience.

  1. Subscription pricing is shown in USD. Conversion between currencies at time of purchase may result in a different amount being charged.

  2. Dates in the system use the American dating convention of (mm/dd/yyyy).

  3. Phone numbers use the US spacing (###) ###-####.

  4. Texting (SMS) is not available outside of the US.

  5. Our Donor Management system only tracks dollars ($).

  6. Online/Mobile giving is not available through One Church Giving but you can use an integrated partner like PushPay.

  7. Customer Service and Chat hours are condensed due to time-zones (SEE TIMES).

  8. Geo-coding is not available but the system DOES track international addresses.

  9. The system accepts multiple language characters but all of the training, support and navigation is in English.

Note: One Church Software is NOT available to countries within the EU due to GDPR restrictions.

It's important to us that you are aware of these limitations because our desire is to serve churches well and we don't want international users to become frustrated with an incomplete product.

Unfortunately, our platform is NOT available to organizations who operate outside of the countries listed above.

Our plan is to launch an international offering at some point in the near future. However, we do not currently have an exact timeline on when that will be available.

We will continue to develop our software platform looking towards the goal of serving churches through out the world. When an international version is available will make an announcement through various channels including our website.

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