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How do I print checks?

Describes the process of printing checks for paying expenses.

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You will need the Full Write Accounting permission to perform this action.

One Church allows you to upload your check designs and then use them to print one or more checks to pay for your expenses. Please see this article for more information on uploading your check template. You will need to upload a check template first before continuing.

To access the print queue, go to Accounting > Print Checks > Queue from the left-hand menu. From here you can also add a new check to the print queue by clicking on the "Add Check" button. Alternatively, you can add checks when entering transactions into a cash account register by choosing "Check" as the transaction type and then indicating you want to print later. The Add Check button on this screen does the same thing.

Once you have all your checks in the print queue, you can select multiple and then go to Bulk Actions > Print to print them all, or you can simply click on the Print button at the end of the row to print a single check.

If you need to remove a check from the queue, use the dropdown at the end of the row and choose "Remove" or edit the transaction and uncheck the "print later?" checkbox. You can also remove them in bulk by selecting them and using the Bulk Actions menu. With any of these methods, the transaction will not be deleted from the system, just removed from the queue.

Once you've chosen the print action, a pop up will appear with the following options:

Starting Check No.

This should be the check number for the next check currently loaded in your printer.

Start From

Since checks are 3 to a page, you may be starting to print on a partially used paper. If that is the case, use this field to indicate where the first available check is on the paper. If it's a brand new paper with all three checks still on it, then keep it on the default which is "Top."

Check Template

Choose the check template you currently have loaded in the printer. If it is not found in the dropdown, you will need to first create it. This article goes into more detail.

At the bottom of the pop up, you'll see a summary of how many checks you are about to print and what the total amount of money is across them.

When printing checks, checks to the same payee are combined into a single printed check by default. This can be disabled if needed.

If everything looks good, click on the "Preview and print" button. Another pop up will appear showing you a preview of how the check will be printed. Note that the check design will not appear in the preview; only the text will be printed.

To print from the preview, make sure you have your check paper loaded in the printer (unless you are testing a previously uploaded design). Then click on the print icon in the upper right, or right click and choose Print. Once printed, close the preview pop up. You'll then be asked about the outcome of the print. This will give you a chance to reprint in case something went wrong during printing.

Printing on Partial Page

If you have a partial sheet, you can use what are called "Form Leaders" to help with printing starting on the 2nd or 3rd check on a sheet. Their goal is to help allow you to print checks when the page is smaller than the standard.

Alternatively, if you don't want to use form leaders, you would either need to tape the check to an 8-1/2" by 11" paper to keep it in place or change the page size on the printer to print the partial page (then go change the setting back to a full page).

Form Leaders are much easier to work with and are recommended for this scenario.

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