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How do I record an offline payment for an accounts receivable?
How do I record an offline payment for an accounts receivable?

Describes how to enter a payment that was received offline for a customer invoice.

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You will need the Full Write Accounting permission to perform this action.

Apart from paying an invoice online, a church administrator can enter an offline payment for an invoice into the system. To do so, go to Accounting > Receivables in the left-hand menu and click on the "Record Payment" button at the end of the row for the invoice you want to record an offline payment for.

Alternatively, you can select multiple receivables from the table and then go to Bulk Actions > Record Payment.

Regardless of which method you use, a pop up will appear with the following fields:

Receive payment into which cash account?

Choose the cash account that the paid amount was deposited into. This defaults to your lowest-numbered cash account. If this dropdown is empty, it is because you have not indicated which accounts are your cash accounts. To do so, you would need to set the Special Usage of the appropriate account to "Cash Account." See this article for more information on setting up your chart of accounts.

Once chosen, the current balance of that cash account will be shown. The remaining balance on the invoice is also shown as being substracted and the balance afterward is shown.

If the payment amount is more than the available balance on the cash account, the resulting balance will appear in red.

Fund Balances

All funds across all invoice line items will appear in this section. The remaining balance for each will be shown as well as the resulting balance after payment is applied. If the payment exceeds the balance of any fund, the resulting balance will appear in red.


Details for each invoice will be shown along with the remaining balance for each. The payment amount defaults to the remaining balance. However, if you want to record a partial payment on an invoice, expand the appropriate invoice and indicate the payment amount for applicable line items. You can enter $0.00 for any line items you do not plan to record an offline payment during this transaction.

Tip: hover over the info icons on the invoice or line items to see more details.

Once finished, click on the "Receive" button in the lower right of the pop up to finish recording the offline payment.

Tip: to view past payments on a particular invoice, click on the "view payment history" in the lower left of the pop up. You are also able to delete any previously recorded offline payments here. Of course, this can also be done from the cash account's register.

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