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How do I send emails?

Describes various ways to email individuals and groups, from the different modules.

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Emails can be sent from many places within the software. Any non-guest user can send emails from the system.

Top Toolbar

You can send an email to an individual or group from the top toolbar, select the "Send" button to make the dropdown appear, and choose "Email."

From the People Module

From the people module select the "Actions" button dropdown menu and select "Email."

Note: You can filter the directory to your desired needs (by age, marital status, campus location, and more). Once you have the list of people filtered to your needs, select the "Actions" dropdown menu and choose "Email."

From the Communication Module

From the top settings, select the "Cog" menu, then "Communication" and "Emails."

Next, select the "Schedule" tab and choose "Schedule Email."


From a Group

From the left navigation choose "Groups," find the appropriate group, go to the "Members" tab, select the "Actions" button dropdown menu, and select "Email."

Note: Group admins and users with elevated permissions can send an email to group members within the My One Church App.

From the Query Builder/Reporting Module

After you run your query in the "Reporting" module, select the "Actions" dropdown menu and select "Email."

​Note: Outgoing emails from a person will now use their nickname, if available, in the From and Reply fields.

Preparing to send a mass email

A pop up will display, like in the screenshot below, in which you can specify who the email is from, and if the email should be sent to a person's primary email, family manager's email, or parent's email. The user must input a subject and the body of the email.

Additional recipients can be included in the email, those in which you were not generated by the Query Builder: People. An attachment can also be enclosed in the email.

The email can be sent to everyone now by choosing the "Send Now" button; you can also select "Later" and schedule the email.


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