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How do I bulk Email parents and guardians?
How do I bulk Email parents and guardians?

Describes how to send bulk emails to parents or guardians of children in a group or a segment.

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The system allows you to bulk email parents of children in a group or a segment that you create. Bulk emailing the parents can only be performed from the Reporting Module.

From the left navigation select Reporting > People, then build your query.

After your query has been built scroll to the bottom of the page and select View Results. Then select Send Email from the Actions Button dropdown.

The Email builder client will then appear and you can select the box next to Parent's email. Use this option if the query returns children and you want to reach the parents/guardians.

NOTE: This will email the family members that are married (or in a relationship) within the child's family. If none, then the family manager will be emailed.

TIP: When building your query, if emailing multiple parent groups, Select Group Name under Group and change "equal" to by clicking the text > and change the search to "is in list", enter any groups you would like to email.

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