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How can volunteers set block out dates and manage serving preferences?
How can volunteers set block out dates and manage serving preferences?

Describes how to manage volunteer availability by adding blockout dates or adding serving preferences.

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Click on your name in the upper right of any page in the system and choose Serving Availability.

A pop up will appear with two tabs: one for adding block out dates (i.e. dates you cannot serve) and another for setting serving preferences.

Managing block out dates

In the calendar, highlight the dates you are unable to serve. Once you have selected the dates you want to block off, a section will appear near the bottom where you can indicate more details such as the reason (optional).

Serving Preferences

To change serving preferences for any volunteer positions you may have, go to the Preferences tab. If you have multiple volunteer positions assigned to you, they will each appear here in a list.

For each position, you can indicate how often you would like to serve. These are communicated to the person setting up volunteer schedules so they are aware of them.

Helpful Tips

  • A volunteer cannot be scheduled to serve on a date they have blocked out. However, they can still be scheduled even if the assignment doesn't follow their preference.


Any of the following users can edit serving preferences for a profile:

  1. The person themselves

  2. The family manager (or spouse) for that person's family (if enabled in account settings)

  3. Any user with the Limited Write People permission

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