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How do Push Notifications work?
How do Push Notifications work?

Describes How to Send Push Notifications and Enable Push Notifications

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Push Notifications allow you to send messages to anyone with My One Church app or a church-specific branded app installed. Push notifications pop up on a mobile user's screen, and if you don’t immediately tap on the message, it will disappear to the lock screen. The notification will always appear in the inbox of the church's app even if they don't have notifications enabled.

How to Send a Push Notification

Select Push Notification from the Send dropdown along the top toolbar

*NOTE: If this option does NOT appear you must first enable your mobile app.

The "Send Push Notification" pop-up will appear. Here you can add a picture to your push notification by selecting the pencil image when hovering over the image box. You can enter a title of the Push Notification, and input your message (1024 characters or less).

If you select "Yes" next to Action Button? The Action Button options will appear. Here you can add the option to direct the recipients of the Push Notification to a specific URL, a Screen within the App, or a Form you have created.

You also have the ability to Schedule the Push Notification to be sent at a later date and time by selecting the Later option under Timing.

How to Enable Push Notifications

In order for a person to receive push notifications a person needs to:

  • Download the app

  • Choose a church

  • Answer the prompt asking if they want to allow push notifications.

*If the person marks "yes" push notifications will pop up on their phone whenever the church sends a push. If the person marks "no" the push notification will still appear in their "inbox" on the menu bar of the app.

A person will still receive push notifications even if they say no to push notifications when downloading the app, it just won't "pop up" on their phone.

An individual can change their preference for notifications within their Phone's Settings > Notifications > One Church App

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