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How do I add automation to a form?
How do I add automation to a form?

Adding Automations to a form and how to set up notifications from form submissions

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Users will need Full Write Workflows permission to perform this task

If you have not already done so please build your form: How do I design a form?

After your form has been created, you will need to create a new workflow.
How do I add processes to a workflow?

Adding Automation on Form Submission

Describes how to set a form submission to (1) add an individual to a group or (2) add an individual to an automation:

From the left navigation, select Forms > Select the form you want to add automation to. Once you have selected your form navigate to the Settings Tab > then choose the Automation Sub Button

You have two options here. One ( 1 ), automatically add someone who fills out this form to a specific group. And ( 2 ), automatically add someone who fills out this form to a workflow process.

( 1 ) "Add respondents to Group" allows you to select a group to add individuals who fill out the form to.

Note: After you select a Group, any submissions which cannot be automatically matched to an existing person profile in the system will result in a new person profile being created.

( 2 ) If you select "Add respondents to Workflow Process" this will enter all individuals who fill out the form into the Workflow Process you created.

You have the option to select which process and which task from within the process you would like the submitters of the form to be entered into.

Adding Automation to a Specific Response

You can also add automation based on a specific response within a form.

Yes/No Fields, Dropdown Fields, Radio Button Lists and Checkbox Lists allow you to set specific automations based upon a specific response.

For example, the form below has a list of options (radio buttons)

Within the settings choose what should happen when someone selects a particular option.

The "Add Automation" button allows you to specify special actions when a person submits a form with certain answer choices. **You can have different actions (automations) set for different responses.

Configure the action based upon the response.

Route Notifications From within the Form

If the form you created has a radio button with different options you will have the ability to choose who receives email notifications for a specific selection.
For example a radio button within the form could have different volunteer roles an individual would like to sign up for:

You can use the routing rules within the Form > Settings tab > Notifications sub tab to change who is notified when a specific option is chosen as well as set a default routing option if no other routing rules apply when there is a new submission.

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