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How do I mark attendance for my group?
How do I mark attendance for my group?

Describes how to mark attendance from a group event, meeting or gathering.

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A user will either need to be the group admin, have Full Write Groups, or Full Write Events permission to perform this action.

Marking Attendance for your Group
Once you have selected the appropriate group via “Groups” in the left-hand menu, choose the “Attendance” tab > +Mark Attendance. An Attendance Report pop up will appear.

When creating an attendance report, you are given the option to choose one of the group events to take attendance for or create a new event (which will appear on the group's calendar). Events listed in the Date dropdown are from 1 month previous to 2 weeks in the future.

Tip: You can also visit the Calendar tab of the group and click on an event there if you want to take attendance for a group event that falls outside of that time.

All current group members will appear on the guest list automatically.

Once the guest list is set up, you can mark attendance by simply clicking on the person's image in the list to toggle between present and absent.

If check-in is enabled, then you can also add a check-in directly from the list by clicking on the "Add check-in" option on a person's card.

How to add additional guests to the Attendance Total
The top of the screen shows a quick snapshot of how many people are marked present and how many are absent. By selecting the edit section in the top right of the General section of the “Attendance” tab you can also add custom notes and even indicate a count of people who attended that weren't on the guest list by selecting the edit section in the top right of the General section.

Note: This means you can easily enter a head count of attendees to an event without explicitly indicating who attended.

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