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How do I set up a check-in station?
How do I set up a check-in station?

Describes the steps needed to set up a check-in station for tracking attendance at an event.

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You will need the Check-In permission to perform these actions.

The first step is to install the check-in system on your device. To install the new check-in system, choose the appropriate download link below based on the operating system you are running.




iOS (iPhone/iPad)


Upon opening the check-in system for the first time, you are greeted with the set up screen. This is a one time process. Once completed, the next time you open the check-in system, the set up will be skipped.

From here, enter the subdomain for the URL you use to log into One Church and hit the Continue button. For example, if you access One Church using the following link:, then you would enter mychurch in the subdomain field should in the screenshot above.

On the next screen, you'll be presented with a QR code, the station code, and a link to log in. If you have the Check-In permission, you can log in and finish setting up the station entirely within the app. If you do not, then someone who does can either scan the QR code using their phone or use the station code to authorize your device for you.


  • If possible, we recommend using the login option as that is the easiest and fastest way to set up the station.

  • Scanning the QR code takes you to a webpage within One Church where someone can finish setting up the station for you (after logging in).

  • The station code can be used when adding a new station manually under Events > Check-In > Stations > New Station from the left hand menu after logging into One Church from a browser. This code is part of the URL the QR Code sends you to.

For the purposes of this article, we'll use the login option.

Enter your One Church credentials and click on the Log In button. Afterwards, you'll be presented with the New Station screen.

This contains the following fields:

  • Name - the name of the check-in station. Use a name that will help you identify this station as it will be used in reporting and check-in logs as well.

  • Search Type - either Text Search or Phone Pad. With Text Search check-in stations, users can search by name, phone number, email address or barcode using an input textbox. With Phone Pad check-in stations, searching can only be done by entering a complete phone number or barcode.

  • Prints To - if the station itself needs to send print jobs to another station because it cannot print directly, you would choose the station here. The selected station must be online and running the check-in system as well have the printer connected and set up using the instructions above. The default is to print to itself.

  • Theme - the station theme to use.

  • Show Keyboard? - whether to show a virtual keyboard on screen. It is recommended to show the virtual keyboard if your check-in station does not have a means to enter text via a physical or virtual keyboard.

Once you are finished, click "Authorize" to finish. Station setup is complete!

Install the Printer

If your check-in station does not need to print labels, you can skip this section. Otherwise, choose your printer manufacturer from the list below for setup instructions.

Windows/MacOS printers

iOS/Android printers

Barcode Scanner

On iOS/Android devices, you can use the built in camera to scan barcodes. No external scanner is needed.

If using the Windows or MacOS versions, you can use an attached webcam as a scanner. However, this may not always be feasible. In those cases, you can use an external scanner.

If the check-in station will be using an external scanner, make sure the device scans with a CR suffix. Read the owner's manual for the scanner to see how to set that option. To text if it does, open up notepad (or similar), put the cursor on a line and scan a barcode. If the barcode text appears and the cursor goes to the next line, then it is set up correctly.

If you plan on scanning QR codes as part of the pre check-in process within our mobile app, you will need a 2D scanner. Here is a link to one on Amazon. Note that the camera on the iOS/Android app supports QR code scanning. So does the webcam option on Windows/MacOS.

Note: For Tera scanners, we recommend you set the Transmission Speed to High. Please see your owner's manual for instructions.


  • If you plan on printing labels at your event, we highly recommend testing ALL check-in stations beforehand to make sure it is not only set up correctly, but also that the labels print as expected.

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