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How do I use the Metrics Module?
How do I use the Metrics Module?

A general overview of using the Metrics Module to track various data points.

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Users will require Full Write Metrics permissions to perform these functions.

Users with this permission also have the Limited Read Metrics, Full Read Metrics, and Limited Write Metrics permission.

First Enter your Metrics / Data Sets

From the left navigation select Reporting > Metrics. Next, select the "Settings" Tab > Then, it's recommended to first create your data sets (or Metrics) which are located in the Metrics Sub Tab before adding a Report Group.

A metric is something you are interested in counting such as attendance, offering, first time guests etc.

NOTE: ALL groups will use the same Metrics (or data sets).

To create a new metric select the "+ Add Metric" button in the top left. This will open a pop-up screen that allows you to configure the Metric you are tracking.

Name: (required) Choose a name that simply conveys the metric you want to track (Ex. attendance, offering, first time guests).

Data Type: (required) Choose from Number, Decimal or Currency.

Is Active?: Indicates if you are currently tracking this data set or not.

After creating the various metrics you will have a list of metrics and the ability to create subgroups.

Use the cog icon to create your subgroups. > + Add Sub Metric

PRO TIP: Click and hold the "hamburger icon" to drag and organize subgroups.

Be sure to save your edits.

Next Add a Report Group
Reporting > Metrics > Settings Tab > Report Groups Sub Tab
Then, select the "+ Add Report Group" button which will open a pop-up screen allowing you to configure the Group you are tracking.

This is any "Group" of data that you want to track over time. Groups can have multiple data sets (or Metrics) - outlined above.

NOTE: ALL groups will use the same Metrics (or data sets). If measuring Attendance, Giving, First Time Guest, etc. for a weekend service you will only need to create a single group and you can add these various data points (metrics) using the Metrics Tab.

Input Your Data

After your Metrics and Group have been created you can start inputting your data using the Data Tab > Select the "+ Submit Data" Button to get started.

Choose the "Group" from the dropdown.

Start inputting your data in the field provided. Then Select save and publish.

NOTE: It's important to choose the correct date for which you are inputting data.

Review Your Metrics Dashboard

After the data has been inputted you can navigate to the Dashboard to see charts, graphs, and comparison of your data.

Reporting > Metrics > Dashboard Tab

From here you can view a weekly breakdown by selecting the "View Breakdown" button.

Note: You can also Select "+ Add Widget" to add additional Counts and Analytics Charts

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