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How does the eSPACE integration work?
How does the eSPACE integration work?

Describes exactly what is included in the integration between One Church and eSPACE

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This page goes over how events are imported and synced with eSPACE. Please see this article for more information on how to enable this integration.

When an event is submitted for approval in eSPACE, it is immediately imported into One Church. It will remain unpublished in One Church until it is approved in eSPACE at which point it will automatically be published. The calendar it is put on is determined by the eSPACE integration options set in One Church. See the "Setting Options" section of this article for more details on these settings.

Event Data

For events linked to eSPACE, the following fields are not editable in One Church. To make changes to these fields, do so from within eSPACE instead (they will be synced with One Church upon saving).

  • Name

  • Date

  • Times - you can still set the check-in station start and end time if needed. Just not the actual event time.

  • Status (i.e. published vs unpublished)

Besides these, everything else in an event is editable and usable as with any other non-eSPACE event (i.e. registration, attendance tracking, custom fields, etc.).

In addition, since rooms and resources are managed in eSPACE for these events, you will not be able to submit resource requests within One Church for these events. That should be done within eSPACE instead.

Events that are synced with eSPACE will show a yellow label at the top indicating this. Clicking on this (or the eSPACE Event ID on the right under Classifications) will open up the event in eSPACE in case you want to view or make changes to resources there.

The status of the event (i.e. pending, pending final approval, approved, etc) is also shown under the Classifications box on the right.


The eSPACE event description (if any) is included in One Church wherever the event description is normally shown. In addition to this, you can enter additional content using the HTML text editor. This will appear before any eSPACE description text.


The resources tab will contain all the spaces, resources, and services requested by this event in eSPACE. This tab is read-only. If any changes need to be made here, it should be done within eSPACE. A link to the event is provided at the top of the tab.

To avoid confusion, resource requests for eSPACE events can only be done from that system. Those resources will automatically appear on the associated event in One Church as shown below.


Events that are linked to eSPACE cannot be deleted within One Church. However, the event in One Church is deleted in the following cases:

  • The event is deleted, cancelled, or declined in eSPACE

If instead of the entire event, an individual occurrence is deleted or cancelled, only that specific day on the repeating event in One Church is deleted.

Manual Importing

Once enabled, the integration will import events that are added or edited in eSPACE moving forward in real-time. If you need to import existing events in bulk, this can be done by going to Events > Calendar in the left hand menu, and then choosing "Import from eSPACE" from the dropdown at the top of the page.

A pop up will appear with filters you use to search for events to import. The system will return any events that match the filters given.

In the search results, you have the option of toggling which events to actually import. The "View" button at the end opens the event in eSPACE if needed.

At the bottom of the pop up, you can choose which calendar the imported events will be put in. If you leave it as "Use Default Calendar", it will use whichever calendar is set for public and private events in the integration options. Click on "edit defaults" in the header to view and/or make changes to those options if needed.

Note: Import is limited to a maximum of 2,000 events per execution. Only approved and draft events will be returned in the search results. Depending on the number of events being imported, it may take some time to complete.

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