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How do remove an email from the blocked list?
How do remove an email from the blocked list?

Describes the various ways to resolve different blocked email errors

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When trying to add an email back to an account there may be a few different reasons the email was removed to begin with.

Before reaching out to One Church there may be necessary steps to follow before we can resolve the issue and remove their email from the Bounces/Complaints List.

First, access the Bounces/Complaints Log, search for the email address, and determine the reason the email was removed.

Select the cog menu at the top, then go to Emails > Logs > Bounces/Complaints and search

Filter the list by entering the email address into the comment field:

If the email was blocked due to Reason: Complaint

Complaints can only be unblocked if the email owner contacts us from the blocked email indicating your church can email them again. Please notify the email holder and ask for them to send those requests to

Good Morning! I am with ________________ Church, and I agree to receive emails from them again.

For a bounce due to anti spam filters of the recipients email provider
To help prevent this, the recipient can add and their church's domain to their safe senders list if they want. That should help.

For any other blocked reason.
Someone from your church will need to contact One Church using the chat widget in the lower right-hand of your screen to request the email be removed from the Bounced/Blocked Log

If the email was blocked due to Reasons such as user not found, or mailbox full.
Please check with the email account holder to ensure they free up space in their inbox to be able to receive emails, and to avoid their email being added to the bounced list again. Once you have confirmed they have made space, please contact One Church Support via the chat widget in the lower right-hand side of your screen to request to have the email removed from the bounced list.

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