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How Do I Generate End-of-Year Giving Statements?
How Do I Generate End-of-Year Giving Statements?

Describes how to generate End-of-Year Giving Statements to be mailed or emailed.

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Generate Statement for Entire Church

Click on "Contributions > Transactions" in the left-hand navigation and then select the "Generate Giving Statements" button.

A pop up will appear with the following fields.

Transaction Period - (see below) the time period of the transactions to include in the statement. If none of the built-in time periods suit your needs, select "Custom" to enter a specific date range. The default is "Current Year." You will need to change to "Last Year."


  • Include individual line items? - If checked, details of each transaction will be included. If not, only the total amount given will be displayed in the statement. The default is yes.

  • Include non-deductible transactions? - If checked, payments to non-deductible funds will be included. If not, only deductible contributions will appear. The default is no.

  • Include totals for each designation - If checked, designations are summed up on a statement. If not, just the total amount will be shown. The default is no.

  • Include pledge progress - If checked, the progress with a pledge will be included. If not, the progress pledge will not be tracked. The default is yes.

  • Include statements without an address - If checked, people will be included who do not have a listed address. If not, people with an address will only appear. The default is no.

  • Always use address on donor's profile (if any) - If checked, people's address will be included. If not, addresses will not appear. The default is no.

Statement message - the message to appear at the top of the statement. Use this field to add a personalized message for the person. This message is automatically saved so that it can be reused the next time a statement is downloaded.

Click on "Generate PDF" once you fill out the fields to download the giving statements.

Note, giving statements can be generated grouped by page count. This is controlled by selecting Group By Page Count that appears at the bottom of the giving statement generation pop up. After choosing the Generate PDF button, a zip file will be downloaded of each of the page counts.

This only appears if the Format is PDF. Also note that statement generation is much slower (around 13 times slower) if grouping statements by page count.
Giving statements will generate in alphabetical order by donor's last name or business name.

Change Your Delivery Method

In the Display section select "Format" dropdown.

Click on "Email" to send a link to each individual donor where they can download their own giving statement.

When the "Email Format" is selected you will have the option to change the content of the email message.

NOTE: Do NOT remove information with the parentheses "{ }" as this will fill the variables in with the user's profile data.

Important: depending on how many transactions there are, this process could take a while.

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