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Can I use One Church to sell merchandise?
Can I use One Church to sell merchandise?

How to set up a Form to Sell Merchandise

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Users will need Forms permission to complete this task.

You can create an electronic form that can be shared or embedded for purposes of selling items.

Add Item/Ticket Field on Form

From Forms > Add New > Add Item/Ticket Field > Bulk Add Merchandise > Mark as non-tax deductible


You will need to Create a label for the item (i.e., Merchandise) after you add a new field to the form.

Type: Item/Ticket will ensure you can charge a price for each item you list

From here you can bulk add the items you want to list for sale, once you have added them you can edit them to include price.

Adding a picture to a form
To add an image of your Item/Ticket select the Image icon within the description box as indicated below:

When adding a new item, you have the options to include the following: Name, Describe, Total Quantity, Limits, Price, Designation, and hide the field.

After you are finished building your form, be sure to mark whether or not the form is listed within the software for other users to fill out.

Visual Example (image below):

Note: Some form fields are auto-filled when someone is logged into the system. Outside users will have blank form fields.

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