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How do I set role-based permissions or role-based system access?
How do I set role-based permissions or role-based system access?

Describes how to set Role Based permissions and system access.

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You have the option of creating and setting Permission Roles for users. The permissions associated with that role are kept in sync across all users that have that role assigned to them.

Adding a role-based permission option

Select the "cog" icon from the top toolbar, then select "Security."

From the "Security" page, select the "Roles" tab, then the "+ Add Role" button.

The pop-up will allow you to name your Role, provide a description and define the permissions users who have this role should be granted by selecting the checkbox
next to permission.

Note: the blue icon next to a permission title, when selected, will provide more detail as to what permission will be granted to a user.

Under the "Campuses" section, you can select the campuses this person should have access to. This person will always have access to their primary campus (permission settings still apply).

Under the "Custom Fields" section, you can limit access to any custom field defined on a person's record. The choices are Hidden, Read-Only, and Editable.

Setting a user to a role-based permission

To set a user to use roles, edit their permissions on their user profile (Actions button > Manage permissions).

Then, choose "Role Based" for the Access field. Select as many roles as you want to grant them. Underneath, you will be able to see the resulting permissions the user will have.

** The system will merge all the permissions and access rights for the chosen roles (choosing the highest access where there may be a conflict).


Editing the "Role" will then also edit someone's permissions as well.

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