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How does the MailChimp integration work?
How does the MailChimp integration work?

Describes how to setup the MailChimp integration and how it functions.

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You must have permissions of at least Manager in your Mailchimp account and both Integrations and Group Settings permission in One Church to enable this integration.

An existing account is required with Mailchimp before enabling this integration.

Afterwards, you are able to enable one-way syncing on any group in One Church.

One Church will then create a tag in Mailchimp with the same name as the group and add all group members to that tag in your Mailchimp audience. If group members are dropped or deleted, they will be untagged as well in Mailchimp (after a sync). You will then be able to easily create campaigns and email group members using Mailchimp's campaign and design tools. Of course, you can still email using the One Church email editor as well if desired.

Groups can be manually synced as needed and are automatically synced once a day at night. With the Mailchimp integration enabled, all groups will show a Mailchimp sync widget on the right-hand side. This will appear only for users with write access to the group and the Group Settings permission.

Setting up the integration with MailChimp.

To enable this integration, go to the cog menu in the header and then choose Integrations.

At the bottom of the page, click on "Enable" in the Mailchimp section. You will be asked to log into your Mailchimp account to complete the link and then choose the audience to use.

NOTE: If someone unsubscribes in Mailchimp, even if they are added to that tag in Mailchimp, Mailchimp still won't email them. Subscribe/unsubscribe is still honored by Mailchimp

If someone unsubscribes from emails in One Church, that email will be removed from the MailChimp list on the next sync.

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