How do I edit multiple service plans at once?

How to enable multi plan grid view within Service Plans to see multiple service plans at once.

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There are two primary ways to access the multi-plan view: from the service plan listing or from an individual service plan.

From the service plan listing

Navigate to Service Planning from the left navigation menu and use the checkmarks next to the plans to choose the ones you want to load onto the multi-plan grid. You can also first use the table filters to quickly find the set of plans you are interested in beforehand.

With the plans checked, go to Bulk Actions > Multi-Plan Grid.

Important: you can choose a maximum of up to 20 service plans to load.

From an individual service plan

You can also launch the multi-plan grid from a single service plan. To do this, go to the service plan, and then Actions > Multi-plan grid in the upper right.

A pop up will appear where you can indicate how many previous and future plans to load. This is from the perspective of the plan you are currently viewing. You also have the option to restrict the plans to only those of the same type.

Click on "Load plans" to open the resulting multi-plan grid.

Once launched, you can see multiple service plans on one screen that allows you to easily compare one week's service itinerary and volunteer schedule to future and previous plans. You can also make changes directly from the multi-grid view.
Below is an example multi-plan grid showing the plan details, times, and order of service.

Below is the portion of the multi-plan grid where you can manage and schedule volunteers for each plan.

Note: the top row and first column are frozen in place as you scroll around the multi-plan grid. This allows you to always know which section and plan you are looking at no matter where you are within the grid.

Grid Actions

The dropdown in the upper left allows you to perform actions that apply to all plans loaded in the grid. They are:

  • Send requests - this will allow you to send serving requests to everyone scheduled to volunteer across selected plans. You'll be able to filter exactly who you want to send the requests to as well as add a custom message. Requests can be sent via email and text message (if enabled). Note that send requests can only be manually sent out.

  • Download assignments - this will allow you to download a spreadsheet of volunteer assignments for selected teams. You can also download as a PDF an attendance marking sheet as well if needed.

In addition to the actions above, there may be left and right arrows in this section. This lets you load previous and future plans into the grid. The loaded plans would be of the same service type as the earliest or latest plan currently loaded.


  • You can perform most of the same actions on each plan within the multi-plan view that you can when viewing the same plan individually. Please refer to help articles on how to edit a single service plan. Those same actions can be found within the multi-plan view in the area you would expect (i.e. you can edit times within the Times section).

  • Volunteer assignments and order of service line items can be dragged from one plan to another

  • To remove a plan from the grid, use the cog menu at the top of the column for that plan and choose "hide plan"

  • Each section of a plan can be collapsed by clicking on the header.

  • Use the checkmarks next to the plan time to filter the volunteers assigned. Only volunteers assigned to the selected times will be shown.

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