What is a soft credit?

Describes what a soft credit is and how to add a soft credit.

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A soft credit allows for donations made to the church (mostly from a corporation's charitable contribution matching program) to be credited to the individual who is softly associated with that donation.

This is not a donation made by the individual so they will NOT receive tax benefits for the donation NOR will it appear on the individual's giving statement.

Soft credits are visible on the associated individual's profile under the Giving Tab.

Creating A Soft Credit

To create a soft credit, first add the donation transaction to a batch.

Select "Anonymous" as the Linked To field because you will connect the donating business to the transaction in the Additional Fields section lower on the popup form.

Populate the rest of the transaction fields as necessary based upon the donation that was received.

Note: The Additional Fields section is were you will add the donating entity.

Next use the Soft Credit tab to identify the person(s) associated with the donation and how much of the donated amount should be attributed to this person.

Multiple people can be added to a single Soft Credit transaction and the amount can be split (see below).

When finished select the "Add" button.

Note: When editing an existing soft credit the "Add" button will change to a "Save" button.

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