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How does giving on behalf of a business work?
How does giving on behalf of a business work?

Describes giving on behalf of a business and business giving.

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Church members can give on behalf of their businesses.

Within the giving portal, a donor can indicate that they are giving on behalf of a business and they are provided a text field to enter the business name.

When the donation is processed the business entered in the text field will be credited with this donation. It will NOT appear on a person's giving statement.

If the donor sets up a recurring donation for the business that schedule would appear on the person's profile but after each scheduled gift is processed the donation will appear on the business's profile.

If the business listed by the donor is not in the database, the donation will appear as unmatched for an administrator to match the donation to an existing business (or create that business and then match). You have the option of setting up an alias for the business as well so future donations would be linked automatically. If the business name matches an existing one (or one of its aliases), then it would just match it automatically.

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