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How do I verify my text messaging phone number?
How do I verify my text messaging phone number?

Describes how to verify your sms text phone number. Only text messages from verified phone numbers will be sent.

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You will need the Full Account permission to perform this action.

Please see this article for more information on why verification is needed. This is a policy that is enforced by the U.S. wireless network carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.) and is not specific to One Church Software.

A Verified number is required to avoid issues with deliverability of messages. Starting November 8th, 2023, messages sent from unverified numbers will be blocked by the carriers.

For verification, go to Account Settings > Messaging > Verify Now from the top of the side menu within One Church.

You will then need to answer a few question on the pop-up form which is displayed after you select "verify now."

*The first selection will be auto-populated based upon account data. Please review these for accuracy.

These questions focus on the content you will be sending and how you protect consumers from unwanted texts.


1. Estimated Monthly Volume: How many text messages do you expect to send per month across all recipients?

Note: This is an estimate. You can take the average number of messages you send in a month multiplied by the average number of recipients on each message (ex. 4 messages X 60 recipients on each message = 240 monthly volume. Choose 1,000 in the dropdown) .

2. Use Case Description: What will you be messaging and who are the recipients? Be specific (i.e. to communicate with members is not sufficient).

Example: We send important church-specific news and information to our church members who've opted into receiving this type of communication via text.

3. Sample Content (2 - 3 examples): This is a sample of all messages you will be sending. This includes any you send to staff as well as those you send externally. Please include actual verbiage and not summaries.

Example: "Church family, our live stream begins in 15mins. Share service details with your friends and family." "Remember, the youth rally has been rescheduled to April 15." "This Sunday is Move Up Sunday. Remember to take your child the their new classroom."

4. Opt-In Consent Description: How does the message recipient explicitly consent to receive text messages? If they submit an online form, provide the URL to the form.

Note: Church members still need to opt-in to receiving text messages. Typically, the best place for this is on a guest form or connection card. However, you can also create a new form and provide a line of text that reads something like, “by providing your phone number you are opting in to receiving text communication” on a contact card. You can create this form within One Church Software.

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