How do I set up split serving teams?

Describes what split teams are and how to set them up.

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You will need the Full Write Service Plans permission to split and unsplit a team.

Split teams allow you to have a team with volunteers who serve at different service times. Each time is shown separately on a service time and can have it's own set of assignments and needs.

In the screenshot below, notice the Counting Team is shown 3 times; once for each service time on the plan. Each split has it's own set of assigned volunteers and needed positions.

Teams can be split at the service type level. This means a team that is split for one service type can be unsplit on another. To indicate which teams should be split, go to Service Plans > Settings from the left hand menu and edit the service type. In the pop up, visit the Teams tab and checkmark the teams you want to be split for plans that use this service type.

Upon saving, you'll need to confirm this change since it does affect all service plans which use this service type.

Split teams on a service plan are scheduled like any other team. The difference is that there will be as many splits as there are times of type "Service" on the plan. Split teams are indicated by an icon next to the name and the time that particular split is for is shown underneath.

A service plan does not need to schedule each service time. You can have plans which only schedule volunteers for a subset of the service times. The time filters will also show/hide the entire split team if that time is unchecked.

Important: When editing the service type, splitting and unsplitting a team with existing assignments and/or needs will result in changes to those same assignments and needs. See this article for more information on how the system handles this situation.

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