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PraiseCharts Introduction

Introduces and describes the PraiseCharts service

Updated this week

PraiseCharts features a large, online sheet music catalog of popular praise and worship songs offering lyrics, chords, stage charts, vocal chart arrangements, orchestrations, plus multi-tracks and patches, all ready to download and play. Go into services feeling confident in the song resources at hand, knowing the band will sound great, and you will make the most of your limited time and budget.

With PraiseCharts, you can leverage resources many others in this space do not offer, including:

• Multiple versions of the same song from different artists.

• Arrangements follow popular records including proper intros, endings, tags, etc.

• Full piano transcriptions, orchestrations, click/rhythm/multi tracks, stage charts, and three-part harmony in addition to leads sheets are available for select songs.

Songs are available for individual purchase and discounts are available with prepay. Free songs are available as well.

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