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How do I promote (share or embed) a single event?
How do I promote (share or embed) a single event?

Describes how to promote an event, share an event, and embed an event.

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After an event has been created, you have multiple ways to share or promote public events.

First, navigate to the event editor by selecting Events > Calendar and then your event. You will see the promotional/sharing tools located on the right side of the page.

1. The Public Page button provides an event-specific webpage with a custom URL that you can share or embed on your church website.

This can be used for website or email links.

If you have an event in a series or a repeating event you can select "Next Occurrence" to generate a URL that will always go to the next future occurrence of an event. This way you don't have to maintain event links that are constantly showcased.

2. This section provides a row of icons that makes it easy to share the via,

  1. Email

  2. Facebook

  3. Twitter/X

  4. Link to Public Page

  5. QR Code

The "share" section changes based on browser scale, revealing more options when viewing the event-editor webpage on a mobile device.

Note: Option for text messaging and WhatsApp (green icons above).

2-e: The QR Code allows you to create a custom QR code that will direct people to the public page when scanned.

3. Featured: Checking the box next to "Featured?" pushes the event to the top of the Event page within the My One Church app.

Other Options

Additionally, If you select Actions > Invite (near the top right) you can send messages from the system to individuals and groups with details about the event.

:: Sample of invitation email::

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