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How do I set up a custom new user registration form?
How do I set up a custom new user registration form?

Describes how to customize the form new users would fill out.

Updated over a week ago

You will need the Full Write Forms permission and/or Account Limited permission to perform this action.

You now control the form that new users fill out when registering for access. This is the form that appears when they click on "Register" on the login screen of either the mobile app or within the browser.

The default form, which has been created for you, is named "Generic New User Registration Form" and can be found and modified under Forms in the left-hand menu.

You can also choose a different form to serve as the registration form by going to Account Settings > Options from the top of the side menu and selecting the form in the "Registration form" field.

Note that this field only appears if "Show register button on login screen?" is Yes.

In addition, since registration is controlled via a form, you have all the capabilities that forms provide during the registration process.

This means you can set up to be notified when a new account is created by adding email notifications, enable automations (such as adding new users to a group or workflow process based on their responses), view all past submissions in a single place and much more. You also have control over what the person sees on the confirmation screen.

The text at the top of the registration form can be changed by editing the Description field of the form.

Note: the form description is shown publicly, the form name will not be.


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