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What are unmatched contributions?
What are unmatched contributions?

Describes what unmatched contributions, how they occur, and how to handle them.

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Unmatched contributions are transactions that have identifiable person information (e.g. name, email, phone), but are not linked to a person's profile within the system. This can happen when someone gives using the giving portal without logging in and the system is unable to link it to a profile in the system. It is highly recommended that these be taken care of as they come up.

How are transactions matched?

If someone gives online without first signing in, the system will attempt to match the transaction with an existing person's profile. It matches on the following:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Phone

If the system uniquely matches a single person, it will credit the transaction to them. However, if it cannot find a person's profile or if more than one matches, the transaction is considered unmatched.

Handling Unmatched Contributions

You must have the Limited Write Contributions permission to perform this action.

To view the list of unmatched contributions, click on the to-do item on your home screen. 

You can also go to "Contributions > Transactions" in the left-hand navigation and then select the "Unmatched" tab.

All the unmatched contributions will be listed in the table. If you want to ignore any, click on "Ignore" in the drop-down menu at the end of the row of the unmatched transaction you want to ignore. Otherwise, click on "Match" to start the matching process. A pop up will appear.

Search for the person you would like to link this transaction to in the input box at the top. You can optionally update that profile with the contact information provided with the transaction. It is recommended to do this not only because it improves the data for that person's profile, but also because it improves the odds that the system would be able to match this person if they gave it online again.

To import this data, check the row you want to include and select the communication type for it.

Once you are finished, click "Save" to complete the process.

Note: Unmatched transactions are not linked to a profile.

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