Security Overview

Provides high level information on how security and access control work in One Church Software.

Updated this week

How people access the system and the data within is very important and One Church makes it easy to customize the access a user has. In general,

  • By default, when adding a new user either manually or by them registering for an account, they are given "Guest" access. This is the recommended access for any members of your church who are not volunteers or staff. It is the most restrictive access.

  • If you mark them as non-guest, but do not add any other permissions to their account, in addition to any access guests have they are given access to the church directory as well. When they view a person's profile, the privacy settings for that profile are enforced.

  • If you provide additional permissions, then in addition to whatever access they are granted, when they log in they will see a link to the Help Center in the upper right drop down menu as well as the One Church Software support chat in the lower right. Read this collection of articles to learn more about each permission.

Helpful Tip

  • When granting access, review their permissions first to make sure they have the access you are expecting.

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