You will need the Scheduling Admin permission to perform this action.

A serving opportunity is one where a person can volunteer for a specific day and time to help in a certain area.  For example, you may need five greeters next Sunday at 9:30 am for the worship service. They do not have to already be serving at the church to sign up.

This eliminates the need for schedule admins to schedule volunteers themselves (though they can still do so), and allows them to set volunteer need several weeks in advance for others to choose from. 

Mark Needs as Public

From the volunteer schedule, toggle to the eye icon to post the need for others to sign up on the serving opportunities page. If it is a lock icon (see below) only admins can schedule volunteers. If person icon (see below) only current volunteers on the group roster can sign up.

Selecting the icon will bring up the other options.

Browse Immediate Needs

There are two ways to get to this screen. You can click on the "browse" button next to "Upcoming Volunteering" on the home page after signing in.

The other way is to go to "More > Serving > Opportunities" from the left hand navigation menu.

From here, a list of all serving needs is shown. Only needs marked "public" from the volunteer schedule will appear here (see above).  The list defaults to show only opportunities at the user's primary campus. You can change this by clicking on the green "Filtered" button and changing the filters.

Browse Ministry Openings

Click on "Volunteering" tab on the same page. These are not immediate needs (notice no date or time), but rather a list of areas where people can sign up to serve. Think of this as where they can join a ministry. Upon approval (if required), they would be added to the team roster.

The list defaults to show only ministry openings at the user's primary campus. You can change this by clicking on the green "Filtered" button and changing the filters.

These positions can be defined from within the "Positions" tab of the associated group (go to "Groups" in the left hand navigation menu to view or add new groups). For the position to appear here, the group must be active and the position must be both active and listed.

NOTE: You can provide your members with a direct URL that links them to the volunteer calendar within the software.

Please Note: This will require your church members to login to be able to see those volunteer positions. Once they select a Volunteer position it will sign them up for that position.

Pro Tip: If you have the App Builder Add on, you can choose to link to this serving calendar from any screen. If the person is logged in then the Serving Calendar will immediately display.

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