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How do I install a Dymo printer?
How do I install a Dymo printer?

Describes the steps needed to get a check-in station to print using Dymo Label Writers.

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Dymo printers only work on Windows and MacOS computers. If you would like to print to a Dymo printer from an iOS/Android station, use the "Print To Station" feature.

Supported Printers

Dymo LabelWriter 450 and 550 (including Turbo) using Large White Shipping Labels (2 5/16" x 4"). We recommend LabelWriter 550 Turbo printers.

Important: If using a Dymo LabelWriter 550, you MUST use Dymo brand labels and those labels must have the RFID sticker in the core. Third party labels will not work with that printer model.

Install Drivers

Tip: Do not plug in the printer until after the drivers have been installed to avoid issues.

Dymo has multiple printer products. Make sure you install the correct from the list below. If you have the wrong one installed, uninstall all Dymo products before continuing.

Computer restart may be needed after installing the drivers.

  • Dymo Connect: Download for Windows or Mac. Install if:

    • Using Dymo LabelWriter 550 and are using

      • Windows 11

      • OR are on MacOS Mojave and later.

  • Dymo Label Software: Download for Windows or Mac. Install if:

    • Using Dymo LabelWriter 450 and are using

      • Windows 10

      • OR MacOS Sierra and earlier.

Note: During installation on MacOS, you may be prompted to enter your computer password in a console window (i.e. the black window). This is to allow access to the installer to add a needed security certificate to the keychain. As is typical with MacOS, typing the password will not show any characters entered, but they are being entered (i.e. the window didn't freeze πŸ˜›).

Note: During installation on Windows, you may get an error related to installing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package. If this occurs, this is fine and continue with the installation. It's likely you already had those packages installed from a previous Dymo installation. Their installer does not differentiate and reports an error even if it was already previously installed. This can be ignored.

Once installed, you'll see a widget in your toolbar as seen below. On Mac, you will see a Dymo logo at the top of your computer. On a Windows device, you will see it on the bottom right in the system tray. See screenshots below (PC, then Mac).

Note: Dymo Label Software icon looks different and is a blue and green D.

If for some reason you don't see the icon, try restarting your computer.


Validating Everything Works

Plug your label printer in and click on the Dymo icon in the system tray (see previous screenshots). Click on Diagnose and confirm the web service is running. You can also open the installed Dymo product and print a label through there as a test.

Important: when connecting your printer to the computer in the future, always use the same USB port you used when you installed to avoid potential issues. If you do experience issues, this article provides troubleshooting tips.


Other Supported Printers

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