First, download and install the Dymo Label Software for your operating system:


Important: Do NOT install Dymo Connect as that is a separate product. Install Dymo Label Software using the links above.

Once installed, you'll see a widget in your toolbar as seen below. On Mac, you will see a Dymo logo at the top of your computer. On a Windows device, you will see it on the bottom right in the system tray. See screenshots below (PC, then Mac).

If for some reason you don't see the icon, try restarting your computer.

Validating Everything Works

Plug your label printer in and use the printer testing tool found on this page to verify everything is working. If all the tests pass, then everything should work when you start check in. Congrats!

Important: when connecting your printer to the check-in station in the future, always use the same USB port you used when you installed to avoid potential issues. If you do experience issues, this article provides troubleshooting tips.

Other Supported Printers

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