What are service plans?

Provides an introduction to what service plans are and their capability

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One Church provides an entire service planning module to help you better organize and prepare for your worship services. Manage your song catalog, design/share the order of service and makes sure everyone is in the loop as your services are put together each week. With service planning you can:

  • List the order of service

  • Add notes, attachments, and have conversations on each plan item

  • Schedule volunteers

  • Download PDFs of the plan and even a song book

  • Share the plan with others publicly (i.e. online, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

  • Manage you library of songs and arrangements

  • ... and more!

Our service planning module is specifically designed to help make planning and preparing for your worship services a breeze. See the next steps below on how to get started!

Next Steps

  • To get started creating service plans, please see this article.

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