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How do I manage the order of service on a plan?
How do I manage the order of service on a plan?

Describes the available line items that can be added to a service plan.

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You will need the Full Write Service Plans permission to perform this action.

Navigate to the service plan you want to manage and go to the Order tab.

Setting plan title and image

All plans support a single image you can set to help visually distinguish them. For example, this could be the series artwork. To update (or remove) the image, hover over the existing image to the left of the plan title and choose either the pencil (edit) or x icon (delete).

For best results, upload an image with at least 600px width.

Similarly, to edit the plan title, subtitle, description and campus, click on the plan title within this same tab.

This will open a pop up where these fields can be edited. Once done, click on the "Save" button to save your changes.

The plan title will appear at the top of the service plan page. If there is no title, then the service dates along with the service type will be shown instead.

Service Times

Service times that appear on the order of service can be set in the Times box on the right most side of the page. See this article for more information on adding and editing these.

Important: only times of type "Service" will appear in the order of service.

You can use the checkmarks next to each time to filter the order of service line items. Only line items for checked times will appear.

If a line item doesn't apply to a specific time, hover over the service time in the order of service and click on the "exclude" button that appears. Similarly, you can add it back by hovering and choosing "include."

Tip: excluded times will appear grayed our in the order of service.

Adding a line item

At the bottom of this screen, you will find the three types of line items that can be added: Item, Song, and Section.

Adding an item using these buttons will add it to the bottom of the service plan order. You can then drag and drop it where you want it. If instead, you would like to insert an item into the plan, hover over an existing item and click on the plus button (+) that appears. That will add it after that point in the plan.

Regardless of which method you choose, a pop up will appear where you can specify the details of the line item. The following fields are available:

Important: If the type is "Section", only Title and When fields will apply.

  • Type - this is the type of item being added. Available options are Item and Section

  • Title - this is the main text for the item or section and is the only required field.

  • Description - this text appears underneath the title and is meant for short, simple notes. Longer notes with more styling options can be entered in the Notes field listed below.

  • When - where the item is located within the order of service. Possible options are Before Service, During Service, or After Service.

  • Length - the amount of time in minutes and seconds this part of the service lasts.

  • Notes - enter any longer or detailed notes here. For short and simple notes, use the Description field instead. 

Note: if a plan item has a note, there will be a right arrow on it. If you click on it, the note will appear. Use the "expand all" and "collapse all" buttons in the upper right of the Order tab to open or close them all.

Linked Song

This section lets you link a song to the plan item. To get started, click on the "Add Song" button. This will open up a pop up where you can select the arrangement and key. If you click on the arrangement, the default key (if any) will be chosen. Alternatively, you can click on a specific key to choose that instead.

Once selected, the song will be linked to the plan item. Details about the song arrangement such as meter, BPM, and sequence will also appear along with any media that was added as part of that song/arrangement.

To remove the song and add a different one, click on the "Unlink Song" button. You can also click on "view song" to be taken to the song details page. This button only appears if you have the Full Read Songs permission.

Clicking on the Sequence allows you to update the play order of the song. You can update it for this plan item only, or update the song itself (which may affect other plans). You will need the Full Write Songs permission to be able to update the sequence on the song itself.

Note:  any plan items which have a linked song will include a music note icon. Clicking on this icon will take you to the song details page in One Church, but only if you have the Full Read Songs permission.


This section lets you add attachments specific to this plan item only. See below of the kinds of media that can be added. Simply click on the type and complete the fields that appears to import that media.

Once you are finished, click on the "Save" button to add the line item to the plan.

Note: you can also add attachments to a plan item by clicking on the paper clip when viewing the order of service.

Reordering the list

To move an item or section on the plan to a new location, simply hover over the item/section and drag it to the new location. All times will recalculate as appropriate after the move.

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